Defending The Wrongly Accused And Supporting Families In Need

In addition to severe criminal consequences, domestic violence claims have civil and social outcomes to consider. A restraining order can affect your employment status, prevent you from seeing your kids, ban you from firearm possession and can even lead to deportation if you are not a U.S. citizen. With so much at stake, allegations of domestic violence are a serious threat.

I am defense lawyer Emily K. Andrews. I have dedicated my legal career to protecting the constitutional rights of adults and minors in San Mateo County, California. I have successfully handled hundreds of domestic violence and other criminal cases in the area, and am an established local legal representative who believes in the restorative effects of family and community.

Family Comes First: Finding Alternatives To Jail Time, Separation And No-Contact Orders

When allegations of domestic violence are made, even false ones, families and relationships suffer. State law enforcement is obligated to pursue violence complaints to protect victims, which can trigger an assumption of guilt and a desire for criminal conviction. However, many domestic violence claims are exaggerated or entirely false. As such, they do more harm than good for everyone involved.

  • Parents and domestic partners may make accusations to gain child custody.
  • Arguments between family members can quickly escalate out of control to involve law enforcement.
  • Dependency issues and other circumstances can lead to unprecedented acts of violence in the home.

I am familiar with these and other scenarios that commonly give rise to domestic violence claims better resolved by mediation, counseling, rehabilitation or treatment programs, anger management classes and other pro-family alternatives. I understand the complexity of domestic relationships and always advocate for resolutions that preserve the interests of families and promote individual well-being.

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