Criminal Defense, Juvenile Protection And Post-Conviction Relief

I cannot overemphasize how crucial it is to have a legal advocate – not just someone with a law degree -- on your side when you or your child is facing criminal charges. You need a lawyer who is committed to your future beyond the outcome of your case, one who has insight into how criminal proceedings can affect family and employment, citizenship and other collateral concerns.

I am that lawyer. Motivated by a passion for protecting citizens' constitutional rights, I have focused my legal practice on representing the criminally accused in San Mateo County, California, for the past ten years. I sympathize with the families involved in criminal proceedings and work hard to serve the best interests of everyone involved.

Keeping Families Together And Avoiding Jail Time

I intervene to protect my clients throughout the criminal justice process, from pre-arrest representation, to post-arrest and post-conviction matters. I handle criminal cases with sensitivity toward family dynamics and advocate for alternative solutions that target underlying causes instead of punishing individuals.

I am one of few criminal defense attorneys in the area who handles all of the following:

  • Delinquency proceedings
  • Dependency proceedings
  • Juvenile crimes
  • Adult crimes
  • Family violence
  • DUI/DWI and traffic violations
  • Marijuana and other drug crimes

Unlike other firms that approach criminal defense with a minimize-the-damage mindset, I approach every case with investigative integrity. I never begin by negotiating a plea bargain because I believe that the government should always be held to the highest level of proof before the gavel hits the sound block.

Contact A Criminal Defense Lawyer In Redwood City

If you suspect that you are under criminal investigation, or if your son or daughter has been arrested, don't wait to contact a lawyer. A proactive defense is the best defense, and I offer all my clients free initial case evaluations. To get in touch with me, email or call 650-288-8790.