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Based in Redwood City, California, the Law Offices of Emily K. Andrews protects the rights of adults and minors during criminal proceedings, including pretrial motions and postconviction matters.

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San Mateo County Attorney Aggressively Protecting Your Constitutional Rights

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I am committed to your future beyond the outcome of your case. I weigh the long-term effects against the short-term benefits of any and all legal options at your disposal so that you and your family can make educated decisions. In many cases, I push for nonpunitive alternative sentencing that helps intercept the school to prison pipeline.

Diverse Experience In Criminal And Juvenile Defense

I am one of very few defense lawyers in San Mateo County who is knowledgeable and practiced in delinquency proceedings, dependency proceedings, juvenile crimes, adult crimes and drug crimes. I am also rehearsed in how to address common collateral concerns, such as licensure and immigration status.

Free Initial Consultations

Part of caring about the client and providing a service is making sure that that service is broadly accessible. I offer free initial consultations to all, and I strive to be available around the clock so that my clients can reach me immediately. To get in touch, call 650-288-8790.


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